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Seniors Programs

Let Handyman Elmo
take the worry out of your home. 

Senior Programs


It is often difficult to keep up with all that is needed to run your home safely and securely.  

Our services will provide you with a level of comfort that will allow you to stay in your home longer and do so with less worry.  For your security all of our employees are Background Checked, Bonded and Insured and the and Landscapers are covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance.  



​                  The Chart below references the programs we offer and what is included.

  • In each program there are hours for each of the key areas of concern for the upkeep of your home. Handyman Maintenance , House Keeping, Lawn Care, and Flex

  • The Flex is for flexibility and may cover things that may not be within the scope of our generalized programs. It may also include include additional hours in any of the 3 categories.  We simply need to know in advance for scheduling purposes where those hours are to be allocated.  

  • We can customize your Program to fit your individual needs and budget. For instance if you live in a condominium you do not need Lawn Care. 

  • This Chart lists HOURS covered for each service and the Monthly Cost.  The services offered in the packages include a 15% discount over their price if purchased separately.*

* Based on Service rates of $75.00/ hour for Handyman, $45.00/ Hour for House Keepers, $45.00/ hour for Landscapers. 

Contact US IF you are:

A Senior Living alone. 

A Senior couple.

Care taker of an elderly person.

Have an elderly parent or relative that you manage their care for. 

Please reach out to us so we can discuss our programs with you in more detail. 

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Some Useful Safety Information

Please feel free to share these free resources.  Even if you do not use our services we sincerely wish for all Seniors to feel safe and secure.  These lists have been compled to help you and family members trouble shoot areas of concern so they are not unnoticed and they can be addressed.


The founder of this business started it because he was unable to find these services for his own parents living in Florida at the time.  Shortly after searching for these services his father died unexpectedly and his mother had to be placed into an assisted living facility.  Our prayers are with everyone struggling with the care of elderly and our deepest hopes and wishes are for them to be able to stay in their homes as long as possible.   

Home Safety Checklist   


  • Keep all walking pathways clear

  • Remove area rugs - they are trip hazard

  • Prevent accidental scalding by setting your water-heater thermostat to 120°F or lower 

  • Keep a flashlight at bedside

  • Keep a cellphone at bedside

  • Keep a "hard line" telephone in home- they work even in power outages. 

  • Clearly label all medications 

  • Store Medications in cool dry place (not the bathroom)

  • Post emergency numbers and your address by each telephone

  • Avoid ladders. If you need a step up purchase a sturdy 2 step stool with rubber treads and a rubber safety hand grip. 

  • Do not run extension cords across floors.

  • Only use properly sized and grounded extension cords.

  • Install non-skid tape in the floor of your shower.

  • Use LED lighting in lamps and fixtures, they are brighter and need replacing less frequently. 

  • Do not smoke in bed. 

  • Do not wax your floors.

  • Make sure smoke/ CO2 detectors are working properly. 

  • Ensure there is adequate night time lighting from bed to bathroom. 

  • When getting up from lying down: First sit upright (wait 1 minute) then arise slowly assuring you have good balance. 

  • Stairs should be free of any clutter and have non slip surfaces. 

  • Secure all handrails and make sure there are grab bars in bathrooms. 

  • Make sure there are handrails on both sides of stairs leading into the home. 

  • Make sure the rubber on bottom of all canes, crutches, or walkers are in good repair and securely fastened. 


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  • Only use one pharmacy for all your prescriptions.

  • Review your medicines frequently with your doctor AND your pharmacist.

  • Ask for pharmacist consultation when picking up new medications.  Make sure pharmacy is aware of all medications you are taking including OTC medications and prescriptions you may have gotten at another pharmacy. 

  • Make sure medicines are clearly labeled.

  • Read medicine labels in good light to ensure you have the right medicine and always take the correct dose.

  • Dispose of any old medications, expired medications and all medications that have had dosage changes. 

  • Never borrow prescription drugs from others.

  • Check with your doctor or pharmacist before you mix alcohol, or grapefruit with your medications. 

  • Check with your doctor or pharmacist before mixing non-prescription drugs (OTC, Vitamins, Supplements) with Prescription medications. 

  • Store medications in properly labled bottles. Do not mix multiple medications in same bottle.

  • Store medications in a cool dry place- not in the bathroom medicine cabinet. 

  • Consider having your medications dispensed in bubble pack for morning, noon, night and bedtime administrations.

  • Make sure you wear medical alert tags for all allergies and disease states. 


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