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Painting Services

Handyman Elmo offers full Service Painting as pAINTER Elmo.  

We have a staff of dedicated painters to provide you with exceptional quality and detail.  We use Sherwin Williams® paints that go on smoothly and provide up to a 25 year guarantee on new finishes.  The quality of these paints are far superior to Behr®, or Valspar® paints from big box retail stores, and are only a few price points higher.


The finished painting job relies heavily on the foundation to which it is being applied.  Many painting companies can do excellent jobs painting but fail in properly preparing the surfaces prior to painting them.   Before any paint goes on,  the surfaces are professionally prepared either by the painting staff, or by Mr Elmo Handymen.            


Rest assured that the results you get from HANDYMAN ELMO's Painting Services will far exceed the average painting companies workmanship. 


Interior Painting

  • Trim, Doors, Ceilings, Walls

Decorative Finishes

  • Faux Painting

  • Wallpaper

  • Trompe L'oeil Painting and Wallpapers

  • Artistic accents

  • Decorative mill work         

Exterior Painting

  • Brick

  • Wood siding

  • Trim

  • Shutters

  • Decorative millwork

  • Iron Railings



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